Ogawa Lab Team Surface

We believe everything we do can challenge the status quo.


Dr Takahiro Ogawa to deliver a keynote lecture in the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology.

Video intro on Novel Zr Surface

Dr Ogawa talks about the International Academy of Ceramic Implantology during the interview right after his lecture.


Our Mission

Pursuing the surface of the century:

We create new implant surfaces with astonishing biological performance and unprecedented surface appearance employing novel biomimetic idea and ground-breaking technology and responsibly transfer them to relevant industry and market to substantially advance patient care in the field of implant dentistry and orthopedic surgery.



Our vision

Overcoming 30 years of stagnation of implant surfaces:

Implant surfaces have not improved in the past 30 years; no implant is better than the other. We envision that in the near future dentists and doctors will be able to find and choose the best implants with full confidence and evidence. Likewise, all patients in the wold can receive the best implants with lower cost and higher accessibility.


Four major projects to challenge the status quo.


Zr outperforming Ti

Creating a brand-new zirconia surface that outperforms current titanium surfaces.

Osseointegrating bone cement

Developing an orthopedic bone cement with reduced toxicity and bioinert nature after 60 years of stagnation in the field. Currently available bone cement products are cytotoxic and considered biotolerant, which causes significant complications and a high percentage of revision surgery.


Developing photo-technology to bring dental and orthopedic implants to even higher levels. UV-photo-activation project has come to the never-been-seen stage to maximize doctors' and patients' benefits.

Titanium in the rough

Pursuing a titanium surface of the century by creating an unparalleled surface morphology and astounding biological performance. This conceptual image is based on the biological principle and biomechanical rationale, signaling an emerging revolution in implant dentistry.