Moshaverinia Lab

Laboratory of Biomaterials Innovation and Tissue Engineering (BITE)

The main focus of the research in Dr. Moshaverinia’s laboratory -Biomaterials Innovation and Tissue Engineering (BITE)- is on:

1)     Development and characterization of novel dental biomaterials for clinical applications

2)     Dental mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-mediated craniofacial tissue engineering

3)     Analysis of the role of biomaterials in mesenchymal stem cell-immune cells cross-talk


Biomaterials research

Development and characterization of novel adhesive hydrogel biomaterials for craniofacial tissue regeneration.

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Dental materials research

SEM analysis of the etched zirconia surface and interfacial properties.

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Biomaterials and tissue engineering

Mesenchymal stem cell spheroid with ECM spread on the surface of the developed nanofibrous membrane.


Cure for gum disease

Development and characterization of

a novel multifunctional membrane for periodontal tissue engineering.