Anahid Jewett, MPH, PhD



Dr. Jewett is Professor and Director of tumor immunology laboratory. She is well-known nationally and internationally for her contribution to the field of NK biology, tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy. She has received a number of honors and awards and holds memberships in many professional organizations and societies. She serves on the editorial board of many prestigious journals, and has been a reviewer on the board of National Institute of Health study sections. She holds several patents, and has given more than 200 invited lectures and presentations nationally and internationally and has published more than 100 high impact journal articles, reviews, commentaries and book chapters in the field of cancer. Dr. Jewett’s major contributions to science and NK cell biology were the identification, characterization and the establishment of the concept of split anergy in NK cells, establishment of the role of NK cells in elimination, selection and differentiation of cancer stem cells as well as healthy stem cells, and methods to generate large numbers of super-charged NK cells which are in use in clinical trials of cancer patients. She has also developed a formulation with probiotic bacteria to prevent and treat cancer patients in combination with super-charged NK cells.